We offer a year-round program; our calendar year runs from June through May. Several options of days and times are available to meet your needs. The programs listed below are available based on your child’s age (your child must reach the qualifying age by September 1st of the school year).

DAY / TIME OPTIONS (vary by age level, see program information below)

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Toddlers (12-24 months and walking by September 1)

Toddlers will learn through active sensory exploration and interactions with peers, teachers and their environment. Emphasis will be placed on acquiring independence, self-confidence, motor and language skills and a sense of self. Program options: 2, 3, or 5-Days; Part-time, School Day or Extended Day.

Two Years Old (2 by September 1)

Through dramatic play, hands-on games and activities, children will continue to develop and refine motor and communication skills. Emphasis will be placed on hands-on learning experiences, fine and gross motor development, expanding vocabulary, discovering senses and creative expression through music, cooperation, and self-help skills. At this age level, pre-reading and writing foundations are set. Program options: 2, 3, or 5-Days; Part-time, School Day or Extended Day.

Three Years Old (3 by September 1)

The emphasis at this level will be on providing choices, challenges, and opportunities that promote intellectual, social and emotional growth. Children will learn problem-solving, cause and effect and math and science concepts using blocks, puzzles, manipulatives, and sensory exploration. Pre-reading and writing skills are emphasized through language-based activities and hands-on experiences through center-based and small group instruction. Program options: 3 or 5-Days; Part-time, School Day or Extended Day.

Pre-Kindergarten (4 years by Sept. 1)

Through an integrated approach, centers and thematic units will connect all areas of the curriculum, build concepts and add meaning to real-life experiences. Reading and writing become an integral part of the classroom as students rotate through their “team” of teachers for the 4 Subject Areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our curriculum is written to align with the state of Florida and Hillsborough County’s Common Core Curriculum. Our program meets and exceeds the county standards. Our focus on academic readiness skills is balanced by a strong values-based curriculum, an enrichment of music and the arts, active outdoor play and cooperative participation in the classroom and school community. This program is offered with these options: 5-Days; School Day or Extended Day.