About Amy Gail Buchman Preschool

We are a community school that prides ourselves on our diversity which reflects in our student body. We welcome families and staff from many different backgrounds which contributes to a culturally rich environment.

Our program options are available for children ages 1-year through Pre-Kindergarten. Our youngest children need to reach their first birthday by September 1st to start the school year. See the Enrollment Section for more information on programs by age.


The Amy Gail Buchman Preschool at Congregation Schaarai Zedek is a place for children to build a strong foundation for their academic future and is the reason why our school has earned its reputation for academic excellence.

Our mission is to provide an optimal learning environment that helps discover and develop the gift and talents of each and every child. Each child develops at their own rate and success must be measured in growth, not comparison.

Our school was founded on the belief that children develop a world of knowledge through creative purposeful play. This purposeful planning in the curriculum, provides children with hands-on learning experiences that help them grow developmentally, cognitively, emotionally and socially. Our Curriculum is integrated so that experiences are connected, and learning is meaningful. Children are exposed to a language-rich environment that encourages the early skills necessary for reading and writing. Along with academic readiness, our goal is to instill within children and their families a sense of belonging and community. Through an emphasis on morals and values and community service projects, this helps us move towards a goal of a greater good, to be productive and contributing citizens and human beings.


Our facilities meet and exceed all county and state requirements. Our classrooms are equipped with enriching manipulates and materials appropriate to each age level, that pique curiosity and stimulate the mind. Our newly renovated extensive outdoor play space allows for active play and an opportunity for exploration. Tending to our school garden is a wonderful, therapeutic, tactile and sensory-based way, for students to develop a love and appreciation for nature. It is here in our garden that our students also have a chance to explore musical instruments (our musical petting zoo).