When we would have been gathering for our community seder, we’ll be having a special opportunity to celebrate the evening with the rest of our community. After some singing, Rabbi Simon, Rabbi Birnholz, Cantor Cannizzaro, and Rabbi Farb will each be leading a discussion related to a different question. You’ll be able to pick the conversation most interesting to you!

The following will be our “Four Questions,” and we look forward to discussing with you:

Why is this night different from all other nights? What are other “strange” Passovers you’ve experienced? What are other strange Passovers the Jewish people have experienced, and how have they shaped our observance today? Join Rabbi Birnholz

How do we keep Passover when grocery shopping can be difficult? Why is it important to keep seven days of Passover in general, and how is my Judaism and my life enhanced by giving up bread for a week?
Join Cantor Cannizzaro

So much of the political debate surrounding “stay at home” has been about the individual liberties we hold so dear in our country? As we celebrate our freedom, what does it mean to give up some of that freedom for the good of our community? What can freedom mean during this time?
Join Rabbi Farb

The laws regarding reclining at the seder ask whether those who are preparing and serving the seder meal are also required to reline? While so many are ordered to stay at home, what about those whose work requires them to leave their home? When does the responsibility to the community require putting yourself at risk, and what is our responsibility to those who are doing so?
To join Rabbi Simon, please stay in the original Zoom chat.