Roll of Remembrance

Please click here to see the Roll of Remembrance book from 2020. If you have questions, please email Sarah Alexander at

2021/5782 High Holy Days - Roll of Remembrance Booklet

It is the tradition of our congregation to inscribe the names of departed loved ones in the Roll of Remembrance. If you would like to memorialize a departed family member in this year’s Roll of Remembrance, complete this form by Friday, August 20, 2021. We request a donation of $18 per name to be included in the Roll of Remembrance.
  • Deadline: Friday, August 20, 2021
  • Roll of Rembrance

    The 2020 Roll of Remembrance can be viewed by clicking here.
  • Please list the names you would to include in the Roll of Remembrance. Names will be listed in alphabetical order. One name per line, press the plus symbol (+) to add additional names.
    Deceased's First NameDeceased's Last Name 
  • A more permanent option to remember loved ones includes inscribing their name on a Memorial Plaque. The donation to the Congregation is $500 per plaque and each will hold the name, date of birth, and death of one person. Reserved plaques may also be purchased at the current price. The names of the departed, inscribed on the plaques, are memorialized at the Shabbat Service following or coinciding with their Yahrzeit. Notification of this date is mailed to Temple members annually. Each plaque has its own light which is illuminated on the Yahrzeit and on the holidays when Yizkor is read. While we will do everything possible to expedite the delivery of the physical plaques, the plaque supplier cannot guarantee delivery prior to Yom Kippur. Regardless of whether the physical plaque has been received, all names ordered by the deadline for Memorial plaques will be included in this year’s Roll of Remembrance booklet at Yom Kippur.
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