Other Learning Activities

Based on the success of our CSZ Outside program in the 20-21 school year, we are now offering Camp Days for each age group. Depending on their age, students will participate in Camp Days at CSZ or offsite. Each grade has three camp days a year, where they enjoy a day of experiential, camp-style learning during the regular hours of Religious School!

Throughout the year, Religious School students lead Friday night Family Shabbat Services. Based on the grade level, students may lead the Hebrew or English parts of the service, add creative prayer, teach the congregation new music, or charm the congregation as a rhythm band.

The Tzedakah Project of the Month enables our students to become aware of the many needs of our local, national, and the international Jewish community. Then, by his/her contributions, each student can develop a sense that “To save a single life is as if one has saved the entire world.”

The school families join with the entire congregation in serving our community by participating in our annual Mitzvah Day.

Many grades go on field trips to further enrich in-class learning experiences.