Merlot & Mysticism: A Tu BiShvat Wine Tasting Experience

Monday, February 10, 2020
7:00 PM

A good bottle of wine has complexity and depth. The first sip doesn’t necessarily give you the true sense of the wine you’re tasting, as the wine changes its qualities as it’s exposed to air. To fully experience a wine, you have to combine all of the senses. The Kabbalists, Jewish mystics, teach us that our world is like a fine glass of wine. There is the world we see at first glance, but there are hidden levels to our world that we can only see when we take the time to try to do so.

While we know Tu BiShvat as the “birthday of the trees,” the Kabbalists of Safed embraced the holiday as a time to explore this way of looking at the world, while also incorporating four cups of wine, like the Passover seder, into their observance. At our wine tasting seder, we will combine the world of the mystics with that of the oenophile, learning a bit about Kabbalah and a bit about wine, as we enjoy a guided wine tasting (no Manischewitz!) along with the fruits and nuts that are traditional for Tu BiShvat. This event is for adults who are 21 and older. Hope to see you there!

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