Schaarai Zedek Gaming Project – Before Your Eyes


May 11, 2022    
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Join Rabbi Weiss for another program part of the Schaarai Zedek Gaming Project as we find Jewish meaning and inspiration in video games and other interactive media.

This time, we will be playing Before Your Eyes, a narrative-driven adventure game on PC and Mac developed by GoodbyeWorld Games. Released in 2021, this Unfold Games Award-winning game has the player follow the life of the recently-deceased Benjamin Brynn as he tells his story from beginning to end with a few twists. The biggest draw of the game is that the player interacts with Brynn’s memories using their own eyes, blinking to progress the story and explore the story. This unique control scheme transports the player into the game, constantly reminded that no moment lasts forever and that our lives can pass by in the blink of an eye.

Participants should play the game BEFORE we meet so we can talk about our experiences together. The game costs $9.99 and is available on Steam. You will not need a powerful computer to play it, but a webcam is required for the most immersive experience. If you need any help downloading it or figuring it out, please get in touch with Rabbi Weiss at

This program will be on ZOOM ONLY. RSVPs are not required but are helpful!

Content warning: death and grieving


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