Midday Mussar Lunch & Learn


October 25, 2023    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Join Rabbi Weiss as take a look at the world of mussar, a centuries-old Jewish approach to finding moral principles and building personal virtues. Take an uplifting and enlightening midday break to look for Jewish answers to some of the biggest questions we have about our daily lives and choices we make. We will be working from Orchot HaTzadikim (Paths of the Righteous), a medieval Jewish ethical guidebook, and one of Rabbi Weiss’ favorite Jewish books. Bring some food and we’ll all bring the food for thought. These sessions will be on Zoom only.

Zoom Link: https://zedek-org.zoom.us/j/89418144255?pwd=VTF6ZmcwQzhrdEVMdGZ4QVE3azJNQT09
Zoom Meeting ID: 894 1814 4255
Zoom Password: 559580