Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Richard Birnholz and Rabbi Michael Birnholz

Wednesday, April 28    
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Lunch & Learn: What Does Jewish Law Tell Us About Honoring (or Not Honoring) Parents and Grandparents?

with Rabbi Richard Birnholz and Rabbi Michael Birnholz

A section of Talmud reads, “How are we to understand respect for parents.” Does it mean that “a son should not sit in his father’s place” … “or contradict his father’s opinions?” Is a son required to pay for his father’s care in old age? What, if anything, do parents owe their grown children and vice versa? Is there a limit? And what do grandparents owe grandchildren? Bring your thoughts and join the fun as you and the Rabbis Birnholz explore Jewish texts covering these ageless questions.

Rabbi Michael Birnholz is the Rabbi of Temple Beth Shalom in Vero Beach, Florida. Rabbi Birnholz enthusiastically shares his ruach and koach, spirit and strength, with the Jewish community’s many diverse generations and facets. From the biblical garden to Tot Shabbat, from men’s club bowling night to adult learning while making challah, Rabbi Birnholz is proud to be part of his congregation’s vibrant and meaningful community.

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