Online Haggadah & Seder

Welcome to our online Seder!


Kadesh – The First Cup of Wine


Urchatz – The First Handwashing


Karpas – Parsley (or not…)


Yachatz – Raising up and Breaking the Middle Matzah


Maggid – The Telling of the Exodus story


Maggid – Four Questions and Avadim Hayinu


Maggid 2 – Four Children


Maggid 3 – The Passover Story

Rabbi Simon’s favorite Passover Story videos:


Maggid 5 – Dayeinu


Maggid 6 – Rabbi Gamliel and the Second Cup of Wine


Rachtzah – The Second Handwashing Before the Meal


Motzi Matzah – the blessing over the matzah and the meal


Maror – Eating bitter herbs


Korech – Eating a sandwich of matzah and bitter herbs


Shulchan Orech – The Seder Meal

B’tayavon – Bon Appétit!


Tzafun – Searching for the Afikomen


Where’s Waldo Afikomen Hunt – Find the sheet of matzah hidden in the picture below:


Barech – Blessing after the meal and the Third Cup of Wine




Hallel – Singing psalms of praise


Nirtzah – The Fourth Cup of Wine and our Conclusion: “Next year in Jerusalem!”