Inclement Weather Memo

We want you to be aware that we will be monitoring the tropical storms in the Atlantic / Gulf of Mexico that may affect the Tampa Bay area very closely.  In the event that there is an announcement from the Hillsborough Public School System that they will be closing schools in our immediate area, or if the entire county is closed, our standard policy is to respond in the same manner.  Subsequently, the Preschool will be closed.

If Hillsborough County Schools announce they are closing during the school day, we will post an announcement on our website at Then you would click on the learning tab, and scroll to Amy Gail Buchman Preschool page.  On this page, you will find updated inclement weather information. We will also send out a ConstantContact email alert to all of our parents. However, in order to best prepare for the safety of your family, it is imperative that during periods of inclement weather, parents monitor local news stations and radio broadcasts for inclement weather alerts and updates. Please listen for the Hillsborough County Schools that will be closing.

You may obtain information regarding general HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY SCHOOL closings by calling the following numbers:
Hillsborough County School District Office Main Number: 813-272-4000
Emergency Management office for Hillsborough County: 813-236-3800
ELC Line: 813-276-2385
Information Hot Line: 813-272-6900

Remember that you will not obtain information regarding specific plans to close our preschool from these sources. You will be able to verify if any of the abovementioned Hillsborough County Public Schools in our specific area will be closing.  If they are closing, then you should plan that we will also be closing.

REGARDING SPECIFIC SCHOOL CLOSING: However, please keep in mind that if our school incurs weather-related damage from wind or rain, it may be necessary to close our school, or at a minimum, restrict attendance.  This decision will supersede the Hillsborough County School System Decisions and our standard response.

Should it be announced during the evening that schools will be closed the next day, we will make every effort to contact our families. We have two methods which we will use to try to make contact with our preschool families, and staff.
1) Our PPA Parent Coordinator will send a broadcast email to all our homeroom parents. Each Homeroom parent will then email all the parents in their classroom and alert them. NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE PLACED! PLEASE MONITOR OUR WEBSITE OR YOUR LOCAL NEWS!
2) We will post an announcement on our website and send out a second email alert to all parents and staff.

During periods of inclement weather, should it become necessary to contact you, please be sure a member of your immediate family is available to receive our call and able to pick your child up from our school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Preschool office: (813) 876-4867.

Jodi Cohen, Preschool Director