The high quality developmental curriculum includes both planned and free choice activities. It begins with the understanding of your children’s social, intellectual, and physical needs. We provide teacher directed instruction as well as the opportunity for the children to initiate their own learning activities within a supportive environment. Our goal is to prepare our children for academic learning by emphasizing decision making and problem solving skills. We also provide our students with a basic knowledge of Reform Judaism, its holidays, customs and traditions. We emphasize morals and values, kindness and caring, and being respectful of others.

Areas of development include: language arts, music and movement activities, dramatic play, stories and finger-plays, development of gross and fine motor skills, sensory perception, nature awareness, and socialization.

Faculty trained in early childhood development: Our faculty meets or exceeds all county and state requirements. Our small class size and team approach for each group provides the optimum in care and educational opportunities. We also stress that the faculty be sensitive to the non-educational needs of the child and the family. In-service training assures that our faculty continues to improve their skills.

As important as our faculty is to the child’s development, parental involvement is essential to high quality education. We work with you to develop appropriate expectations for your child. With our open door policy, we encourage you to participate. Visit the classroom as an observer, volunteer as an assistant for the day or join our Preschool Parents Association.

For questions, please contact Jodi Cohen, MS.Ed, Preschool Director, at